Releasing into Tahoe

We have hiked a good portion of Griff Creek up to this point. While the upper reaches held little riffles aerating the cool creek the lower section was a case study on urban runoff. Thankfully, all of the preschoolers agreed that we should release our fish directly into the lake (especially as this was the approved release site…;) ). It has bee amazing watching the kids grasp the idea of a watershed and see first hand the impact we have on water quality. 


Upper Griff looked pretty good, cool and babbling. 



Just above town wasn’t too bad either. Good flow but not too fast. 


Uh oh. Three fast flowing culverts and some urban runoff. Not looking so hot. Going to have to release at the lake! 




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2 responses to “Releasing into Tahoe

  1. Great pictures! I’m glad you had so much success

  2. mbockius

    Great pictures! Thanks for giving the youngest of our students the opportunity to be a part of their watershed. Nice.

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