Changing Tank Water



Feeding time!!

I have started to change 1/3 of my tank water 2-3 times per week.  What is everyone else doing with their water?  This picture illustrates my success with the cycle, however in years past at this same point, I start to lose fish rapidly, and I think it has to do with the chemistry of my tank water. Please chime in on ways to keep my water and fish happy.

Thanks for this great blog spot.




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2 responses to “Changing Tank Water

  1. jbendertruckee

    Maggie, Marshall from the Pet Station recommended not changing water at all. We have 2-29 gallon tanks running strong, no water changes to date, and feeding them about 2-3 days per week but making sure the food is being eaten with no feeding on the weekends. Changing that much water tends to shock the tank and force it back into the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate cycle all over, which is why we had the goldfish in there. Best, jeff

    • We followed the no water changing method as last year we changed the water too much (at least that is our theory) but lately the water has been getting cloudy even after adding more of the bottled biofilter. We have changed 1/4 of the water twice in the last week and it seems to be getting better. We still don’t have a ton of fingerlings swimming up though…

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