When to feed…and how much?

Now that many of your trout are swimming up, it may be time to feed them.  I received the following advice from the fisheries biologist at the Lahonton Nation Fish Hatchery on when and how much to feed your trout.  Hope it helps…..

“You don’t need to feed the trout until the yolk sac is gone, and then it’s just a small pinch every third day. Have the teachers watch the first few times they feed because they want to make sure that most if not all of the food is consumed each time. The biggest worry is overfeeding that will cause all kinds of problems with the tank. So just have the teachers do a very small amount when they feed and if the food is all eaten then they can add a little more. I wouldn’t expect that the fry will need lots of food right now. As they grow they can add some food.”


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