Incline Elementary Trout in the Classroom

Hi all, we have three classrooms with trout. In two of them, there are only a handful of living trout left. In the last classroom, we have a good twenty or so. My theory is that the other two tanks has gravel as well as larger rocks and the third tank has gravel and small golf-ball or smaller sized rocks. When searching for living alevin, I found that many had gotten stuck under the rocks and died. On the TIC website, most people have a hatching basket that the eggs and alevin are in until they can swim out on their own. I’m theorizing that this may be the problem we are having. So, I have since removed all rocks except the gravel and will see what results we have. Just a suggestion for others. Keep your finger(lings) crossed!!!!


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  1. Last year there was a teacher who used large rocks in her tank, and was not successful. As always, there were other variables involved, (she was also changing over 1/2 of the water in her tank every few days) so it is hard to know exactly what the problem is or was.

    That being said, we know that in the wild, trout lay their eggs in redds or nests, which are created by the female trout. Ideal redd sites have ample shade, good water flow, and gravel size particles. We want to replicate these nests in our tank as much as possible, so gravel sized sub straight is best.

    My finger(lings) are crossed! Our tanks are the basis of a great experiment, that we hope will be successful!!

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