Big problems in our tank!

This is my 3rd year doing Trout in the Classroom and my worst luck yet. Last year we only lost two fish and released 48. This year we were given 100 and so far I have only seen 3 that seem viable. The day after delivery we experienced an early hatch despite all of the water readings being normal. Some of the eggs hatched half way and died. I am disappointed and so are my students since this is one of our favorite activities all year. I changed a number of variables this year and I will start over next year using my original set up procedure.
I’m still hoping for the best that our alevins will survive!



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3 responses to “Big problems in our tank!

  1. Mindy…sorry to hear that your not having success in your tank. I have spoken with the fisheries biologist from the hatchery, and the eggs were expected to “hatch” right in the days following their delivery, so even though it seemed like an early hatch, it was actually developmentally correct. We received the eggs later in their development than in past years. Perhaps this is the variable? Although other tanks seem to be having success.
    Hope your alevins survive… keep us posted!

    • I can’t figure it out. Maybe because we are at a different site using a different water source or maybe it was using the goldfish to create the natural bacteria? The kids are all hoping the three alevins make it!

    • Miss Mindy

      I did use the same rocks and equipment that I have used every year. Our little survivors are hanging in there!

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