Do your eggs seem to be hatching already?

I have received a few concerned calls and messages regarding some observations of eggs hatching already!  I spoke with Stephanie Byers, the fisheries biologist at the Lahonton National Fish Hatchery, and this is what she had to say:

You can tell your teachers there’s nothing to be concerned about. The eyed-eggs usually begin hatching after 7- 10 days. The  eyed- eggs were shocked on Thursday and you got them on Tuesday so it’s been about 7 days yesterday so they will continue to see eggs hatch over the next few days.  So nothing to worry about and at least the kids will have more to watch then just eggs. Just remind them as they go through the hatching process, they will want to be vigilante about removing egg/swim-ups that look fuzzy, white, etc. because those are dead and need to removed as soon as possible.” 



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3 responses to “Do your eggs seem to be hatching already?

  1. jbendertruckee

    Glad to see this is already on the blog!!!! I freaked out and then saw this. 🙂 Jeff

  2. Lorenzo Worster

    We are seeing the Alevin wriggling around like crazy! The kids are super excited. We weren’t able to equilibrate the tank with gold fish so we added the bio solution to stabilize the tank. Hopefully it works!

  3. madams765

    Many of our eggs only half-way hatched and then died. We have 3 alevins:(.

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